The OLAP Council offers a variety of membership choices depending on the type of company you represent and/or the level of involvement that makes sense for your organization.

The OLAP Council's structure

The OLAP Council is an independent legal entity, incorporated in the state of Delaware in the United States. The founding members of the Council are Arbor Software, Comshare, IRI Software and Pilot Software. Each founding member is represented on the Council's Board of Directors, which guides the direction of the Council and is chartered with helping the Council fulfill its mission and with seeing that the Council operates in the best interest of its members. The Council's By-Laws provide that the board may be further expanded and additional directors may be elected by the General Members.

Membership: The OLAP Council currently has one class of membership:

General Member

General membership is available to all organizations that develop and/or market OLAP software technologies. A General Member is entitled to participate in all Council activities and will play an active role in shaping the Council.

In addition to supporting the fundamental tenets of the OLAP Council, General Members are required to pay annual membership dues of $15,000.

In addition to membership dues, members will be expected, but not required, to attend all membership meetings and actively participate on Council committees. Members are entitled to:

List of General Members

Joining the OLAP Council

Before joining the OLAP Council, you must read and agree to the OLAP Council tenets.

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