The next meeting of the OLAP Council is Thursday, February 4th at NCR in San Diego.

The open part of the OLAP Council Meeting on Thursday is scheduled from 8:30 AM until 3:00 PM. The meeting will be held in Building A - the guard will direct visitors to the parking area.


After thirty years of industry effort aimed at optimizing transaction processing, Peter Drucker's original prediction that computers were going to have their largest impact on enterprise decision making is finally coming true. Major advances in distributed multidimensional processing (OLAP), statistics or data mining, text analysis, simulation modeling, geographic information systems and data visualization have propelled us into the second major wave in computing most typically called decision support or business intelligence.

For end users interested in getting useful decision-oriented information from their increasingly complex databases, it is essential for all these DSS technologies to work seamlessly together much like the components of a car.

Thus, the current members of the OLAP Council want to expand membership in all directions to create a high-powered vibrant industry organization that includes members and proposed standards from all walks of OLAP, data mining, visualization, text analysis and other DSS technologies as well as leading end users and solution providers.

The council's new chairman, Erik Thomsen, has outlined a proposed agenda for 1999 and the New Millennium that will serve as a starting point for discussions and a vote at the council's upcoming meeting Feb. 4, in San Diego. The meeting is open to all parties interested in joining the new council.

Proposed agenda initiatives for 1999

Extend membership to include the full spectrum of OLAP M/OLAP, R/OLAP, H/OLAP vendors , and other DSS technology vendors. This would include data mining, data visualization, GIS, text analysis, knowledge management, and decision analysis.

Membership Information

Criteria for Council membership, in addition to payment of annual dues, includes support for the Council's fundamental tenets of on-line analytical processing. For more information, please visit the OLAP Council Web site at http://www.olapcouncil.org. To inquire about membership, please call the OLAP Council at 888-818-OLAP or send email to admin@olapcouncil.org.