Industry Advocacy Group for On-Line Analytical Processing Technologies Welcomes OLAP Tools Provider

BOSTON, MA, - July 2, 1996 - The OLAP Council today announced that IQ Software has become the organization's newest associate member. The OLAP Council is a software industry association established to provide education about the benefits of OLAP technology for business intelligence applications.

IQ Software (NASDAQ:IQSW) is headquartered in Norcross, GA. The company provides end-user, client/server decision support solutions to customers with data warehouse and other strategic business applications. IQ Software has been at the forefront of instituting true, object-based technology and three-tier architecture for query and reporting tools, both of which are critical for large-scale implementation and the sophisticated business mapping capabilities that allow users to successfully extract vital business information.

"We are pleased to join the OLAP Council and to share our expertise in providing query, reporting and analysis for multidimensional and relational databases," said Charles R. Chitty, president and CEO of IQ Software. "We strongly advocate the Council's efforts to help standardize and popularize OLAP technology, and hope to make a meaningful contribution throughout our involvement."

"The Council is pleased to welcome IQ Software as its newest associate member," noted Rick Crandall, OLAP Council spokesperson and Comshare Chairman. "IQ Software brings a wealth of knowledge and experience and their contribution will enrich the OLAP Council's educational efforts."

The OLAP Council was founded to provide education about OLAP technology for business intelligence applications and to help position OLAP within a broader IT architecture. The Council's mission includes sponsoring industry research and working to establish guidelines for OLAP interoperability and data navigation.

The Council, established in January 1995, now includes seventeen members. There are eleven general members -- Arbor Software Corp. of Sunnyvale, Calif.; Business Objects, Inc. of Paris, France and Cupertino, Calif.; Cognos of Burlington, Mass. and Ottawa, Ont.; Comshare, Inc. of Ann Arbor, Mich.; Holistic Systems Ltd. of London; IBM Decision Support Solutions of San Jose, Calif., IRI Software of Waltham, Mass.; Oracle Corp. of Waltham, Mass.; Pilot Software of Cambridge, Mass.; Platinum technology, inc. of Oakbrook Terrace, Ill.; and Planning Sciences International Ltd. of London -- and six associate members, IQ Software of Norcoss, GA.;KPMG Peat Marwick LLP of Radnor, Penn.; Kenan Technologies of Cambridge, Mass.; Management Science Associates, Inc. of Pittsburgh; TM1 Software (formerly Sinper Corp.) of Warren, N.J.; and Speedware Corp. of Montreal.

Two kinds of membership are available - general and associate - depending on the type of company and the level of involvement desired. Criteria for all levels of Council membership, in addition to payment of annual dues, includes support for the Council's fundamental tenets of on-line analytical processing.

For information about membership in the OLAP Council, call the OLAP Council at (888) 818-OLAP, or send email to the OLAP Council Administrator.

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